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Former Wall Street Exec, spinal cord injury survivor and creator of LeanOnWe provides a needed change of perspective for when adversity strikes, change paralyzes or new thinking is needed.

“Why me? Why me?” he asked. “Why not you?” his wife responded.

Bad stuff happens to people every day.

“Why not you?” he asks his audience. “Is there a problem

to which you are the solution?”

“Then, WHY NOT YOU? Why would you NOT be the solution?”


Ron Gold mobilizes leaders and teams to think differently and be the solution to    the problem right now.

About Ron Gold

A new perspective presents new questions, one in particular, driving audiences to ask, “Why not me?”

When Ron Gold took the stage at the March 2015 launch event for his business, LeanOnWe, his steps held major significance. Since 2011 Gold has been paraplegic, the result of a horrific accident in which he was hit on his bicycle by an SUV at the end of a sunny, midday 50-mile ride. (The driver fell asleep at the wheel.) The vehicle struck him head on without braking.

His steps at the March 29, 2015 launch event were slow ones, aided by braces, a walker and remarkably high upper body strength, thanks to his lifelong “addiction to fitness.” As he approached the mic, Gold noted that the majority of his team had never seen him upright.

But LeanOnWe, the organization he launched to connect those in need with homecare providers, stands tall: the network of vetted and selected in-home caregivers has served thousands since its creation.

Gold’s path to entrepreneurship has been an amazing journey. Prior to his accident, the New Jersey resident was a successful Wall Street executive with a 25+ year career for Lehman Brothers and then Barclays as a top producer/ managing director of international equity sales. He had a happy marriage and family and an avid love of physical fitness. He was “living the dream.”

Then came the moment of impact that turned his life on its end. His career was gone in an instant. He endured five months of hospitalization and therapy before he could even go home to begin a life that will forever depend on in-home care.

That discovery led to yet another life change: Gold launched the LeanOnWe network and his next chapter as an entrepreneur. From corporate executive to entrepreneur to inspirational speaker, he’s turned an unspeakable tragedy into an impactful career asking one key question: WHY NOT YOU?

“The lessons, inspiration and motivation you have captured apply to everyone in every circumstance of life. I didn’t know what to expect. What you have created is truly inspirational on so many levels. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

– Stephen, Corporate Attorney


You don’t have to wake up paraplegic to go out and make a difference in the world or in your world. Ron’s story has made a difference for many. That’s why he continues to share it.






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“It was perfect! You seriously rock! My phone was blowing up with texts and emails asking who this amazing guy is! Thank you again. You hit it outta the park.”
– Lori, President, Private Care Association

“Your presentation was fresh and enjoyable and emotionally powerful.”
– Barbara, NYPD detective

“It was truly inspirational, it’s making me look at life a little differently right now. Very well done!”
– Esther, Program participant

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“Wow. You’re an inspiration and a realist. “Why not me” is right.  This is something I can do. Thank you!”

– Steven, Program participant